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League Participation

Post by Wide Boys on Tue Mar 22, 2016 1:25 pm

I go through this every year and am truly disappointed in the lack of participation by a few of our members. This is suppose to be an interactive league with consistent communication and interaction among its members.  I do not understand the need to be a member of a league when there is little to no  participation except for the few days we hold the draft. And the draft is online to boot.  I know we all have families or busy lives outside of fantasy hockey, and I also understand the difficulty in meeting up in NYC for some, but this isn't just something that just happened this year.

Some of you haven't even been to this forum in months.  MONTHS!  I have left trade proposals to some of you that you never even opened, never mind responded to.  I have 4 kids, I work, play softball, watch tv, go to concerts, go out to eat, commission 2 fantasy hockey leagues, write for a website, go watch my kids events, attend college fairs AND STILL HAVE TIME TO WRITE A POST OR TWO ON OUR LEAGUES WEBSITES EVERY NOW AND THEN.

I love all you guys.  I think you are great people, but this is truly frustrating.
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